16 February 2018

At Rome, Italy

The last EFSMA Executive Committee Meeting took place on the 16th February 2018 in Rome, at the Headquarter of the Italian Olympic Committee; the very first meeting chaired by the New President, the Italian Prof. Maurizio Casasco MD, unanimously appointed in November 2017.

The meeting was also attended by Prof. Fabio Pigozzi, FIMS’ President (International Federation of Sports Medicine) and Dean of the University of Rome “Foro Italico”, and by all the other Official Members of the Committee: the Past President Prof. André Debruyne (Belgium), the Honorary President Prof. Norbert Bachl (Austria), two Vice Presidents Prof. Anna Jegier (Poland) and Prof. Konstantinos Natsis (Greece), the Secretary General Prof. Petra Zupet (Slovenia), the Treasurer Prof. Joäo Pereira de Almeida (Portugal), and the other elected members: Prof. Peter Schober (Austria), Prof. Nicolas Christodoulou (Cyprus), Prof. Herbert Lollgen (Germany), Prof. Pedro Manonelles Marqueta (Spain), Prof. Theodora Papadopoulou (UK) and the President of the Scientific and Education Commission, Prof. Anca Ionescu (Romania).