EFSMA’ Executive Committee is supported by a Scientific and Education Commission with the main duty of providing advices and making recommendations to the Committee.

The other Commission’s tasks are:

  • to promote scientific research in the field of Sports Medicine;
  • to prepare statements regarding specific problems in Sports Medicine proposed by the Executive Committee;
  • to cooperate with the organizers of the EFSMA Congress of Sports Medicine as well as with the organizers of other international scientific events sponsored by EFSMA, especially as regards the choice of topics, invited lecturers, chairperson of sessions, and publication of proceedings;
  • to be involved into educational activities.

The Scientific and Education Commission is composed as follows:

  • a chairperson designated by the Executive Committee who directs the activities of the Commission and reports to the Executive Committee and Council of Delegates, with the right to attend both meetings;
  • up to four Members designated by the Executive Committee from nominations submitted by Member National Associations after considering recommendations of the Commission chairperson;
  • Appointed Executive Committee Members;
  • Corresponding Members;
  • Temporary members, co-opted ad hoc, for particular purposes.

The working period for the Commission is 4 years.