EPH - Exercise Prescription for HealthSedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity and “screen time” are the three most significant risk factors for diseases, especially for cardiovascular diseases. Further, they are risk factors for metabolic, neuropsychiatric, oncological and other diseases.

Regular physical activity has several positive effects, reducing the mortality and morbidity risks by prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. Physical exercise also improves longevity, quality of life and autonomy in the elderly.

To reach this aim, exercise acts like a therapy, being possible to adapt specific doses of exercises to each person, tailoring all the recommendations on an individual basis as part of a personalized medical approach.

It is of an utmost importance to motivate people to a regular physical activity at any age, from kindergarten up to the octogenarians and more and, in this context, the first and most important step is changing from a sedentary lifestyle to any kind of physical activity.